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To Achieve the Longest Possible Life with the Greatest Vitality, it’s All About Aging 

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Bob Torter and Sylvie skiing

Bob Torter and wife, Sylvie. Bob is 77 and every season he and Sylvie ski over 100 days at Big Sky. Bob has been our client for 23 years. 

Aging is a Fatal Disease

We all have it.
We can’t cure it.
But we can slow it down.
And we can partially reverse it.
Here’s how.

There is an Answer for Aging

Every week, dozens of studies are published in peer-reviewed medical journals on the chemistry of aging and how that chemistry can be slowed, stopped, or in some respects, even reversed.

What’s missing in our society is a medical specialty that delivers this priceless information to us and helps us implement it into our lives.

We fill that gap.

The result can be an extra couple decades of high-quality, productive life.

This is Vitality and Longevity Medicine.

This is the Leonardi Institute.

This is state-of-the-art, proactive health care for a longer life of mental and physical vigor.

Ivan Hass

Ivan Hass biking with his BFF, Willy. Ivan is 75. Willy is 12. Ivan has been our client for 21 years. 

These Are the Benefits of Working with US

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Mental and Physical Vigor

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Sharper Memory and Mind

Using brain plasticity to achieve presence, alertness, relaxed concentration.

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Physically Fit

Strength, flexibility, energy

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Disease Prevention

There is a science of prevention. Don’t leave your fate to chance.

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More Energy

Go hard all day, then crash-refresh-restore.

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Optimal Weight

We teach the chemistry to take control of body fat

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Increased Confidence

Inspire confidence with mental and physical wellness

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Longer Life

A longer healthspan than your current trajectory

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How Do We Differ From Traditional Medicine?

At Leonardi Institute, we guide you beyond taking care of yourself physically and mentally.

While traditional medicine approaches each disease after its arrival with drugs, surgery, and radiation, our mission is to slow aging, which in turn, prevents these diseases.

We do this by altering your body chemistry early on to provide a more vibrant, youthful, and energetic state.

Exactly What Chemistry?

There are 12 chemical pathways of aging. A chemical pathway is a series of several chemical reactions with an end result: in this case, aging. Our cells no longer perform in a youthful, efficient and vibrant state. As a result, each organ becomes less effective and more susceptible to an age-related disease.

Our mission is to control the pathways of aging so the disease never arrives, and to keep our cells and organs in that efficient, vibrant, youthful state.

What are aging pathways?

Very few people, including doctors, are familiar with aging pathways because the published science is relatively new. History shows it takes an average of 17 years for new medical discoveries to reach mainstream.

The Leonardi Institute is a medical practice dedicated to understanding and controlling these pathways so we and our patients can enjoy 2 to 3 additional decades of high-quality life relative to the current path of most people. It’s what we do…. now.

Make Your Wellness a Priority

Interested in learning about how our wellness program can help you feel your best, both at work and in your personal life? Learn more about our program here.

How To Get Started

1. Get in Touch

Contact us so we can setup a time for your initial consultation. 

2. Schedule a Visit

At this in-depth consultation we will do a deep dive into your history, your test results, and provide education on how to optimize your life.

3. Receive a Customized Plan

We will work together to provide a customized plan that will help you achieve your goals.

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"Dr. Leonardi is a pleasure to work with. He takes a sincere and personal interest in my total health picture."

Bill Johnson

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"The enhancement in vitality I’ve experienced on the LEHI program has been substantial. I’ve been able to keep up with some younger cyclists on long distance rides, participate for the last 3 years on rides that mirror parts of the mountain stages of the Tour de France, and continue my rigorous work schedule with enthusiasm."

Maxwell Drever

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"I met with Dr. David Leonardi, M.D. in March 2010. After four months in the program I felt great and now have energy to do the things I love."

Cheryl Holiday

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"Dr. Leonardi went through my results in detail, identified my problem areas and set up a plan for me. Within about 6 weeks I had a significant increase in my energy and sense of well being. Within about 10 weeks I was back to 100 percent, which made a significant increase in my quality of life."

Gary Rush

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"I want you and your staff to know of my heart-felt appreciation for extending my life and making the quality of my life better than I ever expected. You are a Godsend."

Hunter Carr

Are You Ready to Take Control?

Stop living a life with high risk of disease and start living a better life with greater vitality.