Vitality and Longevity Program for Men

This state-of-the-art program for men over the age of 40 is specifically designed to increase your energy, sharpen your mental focus, and dramatically improve your overall health and fitness, all while greatly reducing disease risks that could completely knock you out of the game. Whether you’re at the peak of your career and top of your game and want to stay there or feel you are losing your edge and want to get it back, this comprehensive medical program is designed to evaluate what’s needed physically, mentally and medically to accomplish just that. Our goal for you is to reduce your risk of the most common and serious age-related diseases while improving your energy and vitality, mental focus, motivation and zest for life for greater success and happiness in both your business and personal life. Our programs are based on published medical studies on the chemistry of aging and how we develop age-related diseases. Our focus is to use these published data to improve quality of life, slow aging and postpone or prevent the diseases that rob those of us in Western society of our quality and length of life.

Troublesome Symptoms?

If by chance you’ve noticed reduced energy, libido, sexual performance, memory, mental acuity, aerobic capacity, strength or fitness or increased body fat and/or fatigue, we will apply the latest science to your specific needs. We are experts in the safe use of bioidentical hormone balancing.

Family Curse?

Many people go through life concerned about a strong family history of a specific disease and don’t believe there is a solution. Often there are markers of disease risk that can be measured along with methods to improve those markers and reduce risk. Our expertise is in using all the medical science available to place you at lower risk than your ancestors. If for any reason you feel you’re at higher risk for heart disease, stroke, cancer, dementia, Parkinson’s disease or osteoporosis, we’ll address those risks as well, educating you in the lifestyle maneuvers, specific nutritional supplements and possibly even medications evidenced to reduce your risk(s).

Live far from us?

While we’re located in Denver, Colorado, eighty percent of our patients reside outside Colorado and need never leave home after their initial visit. Follow-up testing can be done at your local lab. Your test results are downloaded electronically into your medical record and forwarded to you with comments from your physician or practitioner for review by telephone appointment, just as if we were sitting across the desk from one another.

Exactly how do we reduce the risk of serious age-related diseases?

In mainstream medicine we seek treatment after we’re sick, when the disease is obvious.In Vitality and Longevity Medicine, we act before the disease is apparent, to prevent or postpone it.


  • Focus on end stage disease
  • Reactive
  • Interventional
  • Heroic

Vitality & Longevity

  • Focus on early stage disease
  • Proactive
  • Preventative
  • Less Exciting

How do we do this?

  1. Measure – We use blood and other diagnostic tests to pinpoint markers of vitality and risk of age-related diseases.
  2. Optimize – We design and manage a custom program for you to change those markers of disease risk in your favor to slow aging, enhance vitality, and prevent or postpone our most common and devastating age related diseases.
  3. Monitor – We continue to monitor your vitality and disease risk markers going forward as we optimize them.
  4. Adjust - With every visit we make adjustments to your program based on your test results and updates in published studies on disease prevention.
  5. Coach – At every step of the way, we’re coaching you on the lifestyle adjustments and other techniques. You have unlimited contact with your physician or practitioner.

Our Tools:

  1. Education - We teach you the science that slows aging and prevents disease.
  2. Optimal Nutrition - Ideal nutrition is a critical aspect of your success.
  3. Physical Fitness - We’re not slave drivers. We’ll help you with a fitness program that fits your preferences and works around your limitations.
  4. Focused supplementation with specific purpose - Nutritional supplements demonstrated to improve markers of disease risk and/or demonstrated to reduce disease risk by optimizing our body chemistry. Your supplements will be customized for your body chemistry.
  5. Prescription - We’ll prescribe medication, if advisable and agreeable to you, for purposes of prevention.
  6. Hormone Replacement - We’ll help you balance hormone levels safely for greater vitality and disease prevention.

They screen annually. We’re with you year-round, implementing prevention.

Renowned clinics will screen you inside and out. If a disease is found, they have the mainstream specialists to treat you heroically. Yet if everything looks good, they will congratulate you and invite you back next year for another screening, giving little advice on true prevention. They may call it “prevention”, but it’s actually screening. A screening test can detect a disease but not prevent one.

Their practice model is the early diagnosis and treatment of late stage disease. Our practice model is to measure disease risk and implement prevention. In the simplest analogy, it’s a bit like comparing a seat belt during a road trip to an X-ray after a road trip.

We provide a turn-key program of prevention year-round, applying the science and providing the coaching to keep you on track for a long, high quality life. This way, you shouldn’t need so much heroism.

Getting Started

We begin with a comprehensive evaluation called a MEDSTART® (MEDical STatus And Risk Targeting). Click here for a description and pricing.

For another very important perspective and a look into the future of health care, read Dr. Leonardi’s short article, “An Unprecedented Opportunity”.

Finally, download our Guide to Vitality and Longevity here, then call to schedule your initial evaluation, called a MEDSTART (MEDical STatus And Risk Targeting). Start taking charge of your health now, rather than letting it take charge of you.

Getting Started

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