Unprecedented Opportunity

Unprecedented Opportunity

David Leonardi, M.D., ABAAM, CNS

While our Vitality and Longevity programs have proven to be extremely successful in enhancing quality of life and preventing age related diseases, we’re currently on the threshold of a quantum leap in our ability to engineer these life attributes.

The year 2013 ushered in a new paradigm in addressing the disease called aging. Yes, aging is a disease and it will be conquered. 2013 was the landmark year to get the ball rolling. Up until 2013 the best we could do in this field was to enhance vitality and postpone or prevent the age-related diseases.

No small task! However, .…

In 2013 we added a 3rd dimension to our Vitality and Longevity programs because at that point, scientists began to develop an understanding as well as a treatment for the aging process itself.

By aging we mean that nebulous condition that occurs between the third decade of life and the ninth. Here is a pictorial representation:

Scientists have begun to understand what happens between photo A and photo B - pathways of chemical reactions responsible for aging itself, and more importantly, what we can do to slow that chemistry. This research has been in development since 1950, but it wasn’t until the early 2000’s that it came to fruition,resulting in steps we can actually take to slow aging. As a result, our focus is now threefold:

  1. Enhance vitality
  2. Postpone or prevent age-related diseases, and
  3. Slow aging (not just the symptoms of aging, the chemistry of aging - aging itself).

The Leonardi Institute has been on top of this research as it was published beginning in 2013 and we remain so, implementing it into our programs to literally slow aging. The goal is simple: for our patients to remain vibrant and healthy enough to take advantage of yet another quantum leap in human health that’s right around the corner. Yes, in addition to our ability to slow aging itself, the next horizon in human health is the realization of real benefits from the human genome project.

The human genome was finally sequenced (mapped) in 2003. At that point there was great expectation that we would immediately embark on a series of discoveries enabling us to prevent and cure many of our most devastating human diseases. Instead, we’ve had years of relative silence. More often than not, there is a lag in science from one discovery to another. In this case, the mapping of the genome involved the identification of the 3.3 billion base pairs (pairs of structures called purines and pyrimidines) that comprise the entire genetic material contained on our chromosomes. This was an enormous accomplishment, but to actually use this information to prevent and cure diseases is quite another kettle of fish. To accomplish that, we needed to understand what each gene does, which genes work in combination to cause specific diseases, for which proteins each gene codes, and how those millions of proteins interact. And most importantly, scientists must understand how genes and proteins can be manipulated to prevent or cure a disease. To scientists, these years of “silence” were a period of quiet but steady progress in discovering the details described above and most importantly, how genes and their chemistry can be manipulated in a useful way to cure and prevent disease.

Mapping the genome was step one, completed in 2003.
Manipulating the genome and its downstream chemistry is step 2

The noise will now begin again. In the coming years discoveries will be made enabling us to actually put the genome project to work in curing cancer and childrens’ diseases like cystic fibrosis, preventing heart disease, growing replacement parts, further slowing the aging process and curing many of our most devastating and seemingly unfair diseases. For example, in a patient with cancer, scientists can now compare the genome of the cancer cell to that of the patient’s normal cell. From there, cancer treatments can be devised that target the cancer cells but not the normal cells. This will lead to remarkably effective chemotherapy without side effects.

It took 13 years to sequence the first human genome at a cost of $2.7 billion. Today, with high speed computing, a genome can be sequenced in 26 hours at a cost of $6,500. And both the time to sequence and the cost are dropping every year. By 2026, many diseases that warrant a death sentence today will simply require routine treatment. And every year will bring greater and faster progress as we understand more and more about how genes and human chemistry work. The impact of these discoveries on life expectancy and quality of life will be profound.

All this raises the stakes dramatically for all of us over the age of 50. The longer we can remain physically and mentally active and productive, the more we’ll benefit from this evolutionary and amazing technology. We don’t want to miss this bus because we tripped on the sidewalk. It will be amazing just to see this unfold!

Our goal then, at the Leonardi Institute, is to provide our patients state-of-the-art treatment to maintain vitality, prevent disease, and now… slow aging to provide the greatest chance possible to take advantage of these new therapies, especially as we further decipher aging itself. These are exciting times for Vitality and Longevity Medicine and they’re about to get much more exciting!

Oh, and one more thing: I have personally been in the practice of Vitality and Longevity Medicine full time since 1997. I’m extremely passionate about what we’re doing and feel a great responsibility to our patients. As a result, I and my team spend an enormous amount of time researching our field. While many clinics Iook similar on the surface, the devil is in the details. When it comes to preventing a devastating disease, a small detail can make all the difference. I truly know of no clinic anywhere that implements prevention to the extent of the Leonardi Institute.

Neither hope nor luck are strategies. We urge you to explore our methodology and our programs to not only enhance your quality of life and reduce disease risk now, but also to place yourself in position to take advantage of the profound discoveries about to unfold. I’m 64 at the time of this writing (2016) and plan to be with you along the path. Please call us at (888) 772-1388 to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation with a practitioner to explore teaming up with us for your vitality and longevity.

David Leonardi, MD, ABAAM, CNS
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