Client Testimonials

Bill Johnson

“Dr. Leonardi is a pleasure to work with. He takes a sincere and personal interest in my total health picture.”

I am a retired Chairman and CEO of a Fortune 500 company who has been living in Aspen, Colorado for 12 years. I had stage 1 colon cancer before starting with Dr. Leonardi. It was that experience that led me to become proactive about my health rather than leaving it to chance, and my subsequent explorations led me to him. I’ve been under his preventive umbrella for 5 years now.

His approach is much more than just an annual physical or a one time in depth review. I joke that it’s like having your own personal “health guardian angel”, but it’s no joke, that’s basically what he is. In the Initial MEDSTART we found several biomarkers that were out of line with optimal levels. This led to a program which has lowered them to our target ranges. However, equally important has been the regular ongoing monitoring we do. Over time, in the normal course of aging and my own life, some other parameters began to trend in the wrong direction even though still within reasonable levels. But we picked up the trends immediately so we could react with preventative actions to get them back where we wanted them before there was any health affect on me.

Dr. Leonardi is a pleasure to work with. He takes a sincere and personal interest in my total health picture. He has an amazing depth of knowledge of the latest research and approaches in both traditional and complementary medicine in a broad range of fields. This encyclopedic knowledge means that in looking at any given issue he can diagnose and treat it from multi-disciplined point of view: lifestyle, nutrition, nutraceuticals, natural or herbal supplements, and over-the-counter or prescription medication when appropriate. And he understands the potential interactions between the areas - for example, the importance of taking CoQ 10 supplementation along with anti-cholesterol drugs.

My benefits of working with him over these years have been the following:

  1. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about how degenerative diseases develop and progress long before they actually cause symptoms.
  2. I’m able to follow a program of lifestyle alterations and diet, nutritional supplementation, hormone replacement and even a prescription medication that is evidence-based and state-of-the-art and, thus far, has kept me in tip-top shape.
  3. My biomarkers for disease risk (heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer and osteoporosis) have declined substantially.
  4. My mental, physical and sexual energy have improved dramatically and continue to be terrific.

In short, combining disease protection and enhanced vitality is a great approach. But it also takes an unusually gifted and knowledgeable physician to do it effectively. Dr. Leonardi is such a man. That’s why I am an extremely enthusiastic advocate of Dr. Leonardi’s program, and my only regret is that I didn’t find him sooner.”

Very Truly Yours,

Bill Johnson

Aspen, Colorado

Maxwell Drever

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a 63 year-old CEO of a national real estate investment firm and an endurance athlete. I’ve been on Dr. Dave Leonardi’s program since 1998.

I am far more interested in quality of life than living to 100 years of age. The enhancement in vitality I’ve experienced on the LEHI program has been substantial. I’ve been able to keep up with some younger cyclists on long distance rides, participate for the last 3 years on rides that mirror parts of the mountain stages of the Tour de France, and continue my rigorous work schedule with enthusiasm.

It’s great to have someone like Dr. Leonardi in my corner. He is on the cutting edge of preventive healthy and human performance research, yet is conservative in his approach with a safety-first philosophy.

In addition, Dr. Leonardi always has time to answer my questions and address any issues I may have. I find the Leonardi Executive Health Institute to be an invaluable resource to support my demanding lifestyle.

Maxwell Drever

Cheryl Holiday

In November 2008 my neighbor recommended that I read a book called Breakthrough Eight Steps to Wellness by Suzanne Somers. After reading, I contacted a doctor who prescribed Thyroid Hormone and Bio-Identical Hormone replacement therapy.

Information from Breakthrough Eight Steps to Wellness, lead me to read The Edge Effect by Eric R. Braverman, M.D. I knew this was the type of doctor I needed to help me get my health and energy to an acceptable level. Now, all I needed to do was find a doctor in Colorado who specialized in the field of vitality and longevity medicine.

In December 2009 I read the book Knockout by Suzanne Somers. In the resources section for Colorado there were two doctors referenced. I picked up the phone and scheduled an appointment. I met with Dr. David Leonardi, M.D. in March 2010. After four months in the program I felt great and now have energy to do the things I love.

There is hope and help available for those who are seeking to restore their energy and sense of well being. I highly recommend that you call or go online to get more information about the Leonardi Institute.

John Adams

To Whom It May Concern:

My work with the Leonardi Institute has been incredible. I will share some stats with you. I inherited hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and type 2 diabetes. Through a combination of supplements, prescription medications, a low carbohydrate diet and more exercise, I have done the following over 2.5 years:

  • Lost 30 #’s (down to 167)
  • Reduced my Blood Pressure to 117/72 with 60 pulse
  • Reduced my Total Cholesterol from 197 to 99
  • Reduced my LDL Cholesterol from 118 to 31
  • Increased my HDL (good Cholesterol) from 51 to 69
  • Reduced my Triglycerides from 140 to 85
  • Reduced my Fasting Glucose from 137 to 89
  • Reduced my A1C Hemoglobin from 6.0 to 5.6
  • Reduced my Body fat from 27.3% to 18.7%
  • While going from 68 years old to 71, I have reduced the age of my arteries from those of a 77 year-old to those of a 64 year-old.
  • Changed an annual bone density loss to an increase of .7% in my hip area during the last year.

A bloody miracle, given the sad history of males in the Adams family: uncle died at 48; dad at 66; my younger brother at 60 – all of heart attacks.

And Dave is the nicest guy to work with – we are currently doing Lab work every 90 days and then have a 45-minute telephone conference to tweak things. Plus, he responds to my calls or emails with random questions within 24 hours. I spend the afternoon with him once a year in Denver. It’s truly as if I have my own personal health consultant always at my side.

I can’t say enough good things about him.

John Adams
Raleigh, NC

Note: Mr. Adams is now 76 years old (2016), continues to work as a business consultant and chairs two active Vistage International groups. He continues to ski 20 days per year.

Bob Torter (2014)

I’ve been a Leonardi Institute patient since 2008. On January 19, 2014. I completely tore my Achilles tendon in a ski accident caused by hitting a tree under the snow. Three orthopedic surgeons definitively stated that my ski season was over and that recovery would require four to six months. Twelve days after surgery the hard cast was removed and to the surgeon’s amazement I had full mobility of the injured tendon. After 24 days the surgeon authorized me to eliminate the removable cast and to put weight on the injured tendon. After 42 days I returned to skiing with no complications of any sort. At first I advised Dr Leonardi about the rapid healing process indicating that the prescribed nutraceuticals and hormone balancing were causing a never-heard-of rate of recovery. Dr. Leonardi attributed the recovery to be at least in part due to my exercise routine. It is my very strong opinion that the desire to exercise is directly related to the overall wellness resulting from being a LI patient. When your overall health and feeling of wellness is at an optimal level it is impossible to sit around depressed. The wellness feeling requires you to exercise to burn off energy and that in turn has other positive effects. I’m 68 at the time of this writing (2014) and will remain a patient of LI following the LI protocol which I truly believe is the greatest positive approach to wellness imaginable.

Bob Torter, Big Sky, MT

Gary Rush

To Whom It May Concern:

I work as a business coach for entrepreneurs and professionals and my focus is helping them increase their performance. The foundation for high performance is health and vitality. People are more resourceful when they feel great. As a result, a priority in my life is nutrition and exercise. Making it a priority has rewarded me with an abundance of energy and health.

However, once I turned 55 I started to get fatigued. This escalated to where I had to cut my client load in half and had to take 4 to 5 naps a day because I was so tired. For a couple months I tinkered with my diet and exercise program hoping to get my energy back. After that I started to search for a doctor who had training in hormone replacement and increasing vitality and found one through the American College for the Advancement of Medicine. After going through a series of tests this doctor put me on several supplements and prescribed a hormone replacement. I stayed on this program for 5 months with only a slight improvement.

I then went to a Homeopath who specialized in helping people increase their vitality and I worked with them for about four months. This time I got no improvement and now it had been over a year where I was extremely fatigued. Finally, I got a referral from a nationally known doctor who recommended that I see Dr. David Leonardi.

I set up an appointment to go through a battery of tests (MEDSTART), and then met with Dr. David Leonardi several weeks later after he got my results. Dr. Leonardi went through my results in detail, identified my problem areas and set up a plan for me. Within about 6 weeks I had a significant increase in my energy and sense of well being. Within about 10 weeks I was back to 100 percent, which made a significant increase in my quality of life. I’m now building back a full load of clients and starting two major projects. I am eternally grateful for Dr. David Leonardi’s knowledge and expertise.

Gary Rush
Denver, CO

Hunter Carr (diabetes)

Dear David,

I am writing this letter to express my appreciation to you and your support staff for the life changing improvements to my health.

As you know, I am very attentive to my health and my blood sugar levels. I have been to numerous doctors, mostly endocrinologists, because I just didn’t feel as good as I thought I should. The nine months prior to meeting you, my endocrinologist had determined that I did not produce any insulin and, therefore, was a Type One Diabetic. The doctor prescribed an insulin pump for control. Further, he had me meet with a dietician, who placed me on a three meal a day program with a balanced diet full of carbohydrates. My sugar levels were good in the beginning, but got increasingly worse. According to the doctor, they were not over 175, but I began to gain weight, up to 40 pounds. My insulin intake was 138 units of Humalog a day. My blood pressure was up, my triglycerides were up, as was my cholesterol. I felt terrible!

I searched the Internet in a desperate effort for help and I found LEHI. After reading the materials, I decided to come to Denver for treatment. Blood was drawn at my home for testing, and three weeks later I headed to Denver. I was very skeptical, but I wanted help. After a few tests done on arrival at the clinic, you gave me a different explanation about diabetes than any of my other doctors. Again, I was skeptical, but I took your advice and went on the program, hoping and praying it would help.

That was in September 2001. Today, after being treated by you, here are my amazing results:

  • Weight loss 40 pounds
  • Blood Sugars 95-117 most of the time
  • Bad Blood Sugar 138
  • Blood Pressure 130/72
  • Cholesterol Perfect
  • Triglycerides Perfect
  • Energy High - best I have had in 20 years

I have no diabetic complications according to the testing. What a wonderful treatment you provide! I want you and your staff to know of my heart-felt appreciation for extending my life and making the quality of my life better than I ever expected. You are a Godsend.

Hunter Carr

Mel Coleman

To Whom It May Concern:

I met Dr. Dave Leonardi after bidding on and purchasing a visit to the Leonardi Institute at a charity auction. Knowing I’d fallen off the health and fitness wagon, I was due for a restart. I went to see Dave in May of this year where I underwent the most thorough evaluation I’ve ever had. I had more blood work than ever before, including a large number of risk factors for future disease including cardiovascular, brain, osteoporosis, cancer, etc., etc. I then spent over four hours one-on-one with Dave where we completed the evaluation, reviewed each test and discussed the significance, and then he designed a comprehensive program to feel better now and prevent those diseases he felt I was at increased risk for.

For me, I found out the main risk was for heart attack. Dave measured 10 risk factors that no doctor had ever mentioned being available.

My program ended up including changes in nutrition, specific supplements, an exercise program (which I have yet to make a regular thing) and one or two medications. Bottom line is that after just three months I’ve dumped some fat (15 pounds, without suffering a bit) and have reversed the heart attack indicators from very high risk, past the average, to very low risk. (Dave spouts off more science than I’ll ever understand, but the results speak for themselves.)

I can assure you that I’m thankful I was the last guy waving his hand when the bidding was over and for having the opportunity of finally getting on a program that is preventive.

Hoping to die young at a very old age,

Mel Coleman, Jr.
Coleman Natural Meats, Inc.

Robert Landings (diabetes)

To Whom It May Concern:

In September of 2000 I scheduled an exam by Dr. Leonardi. The examination revealed my blood glucose level to be in the diabetic range. This came as quite a surprise. I was concerned over the diabetes finding as I had several first cousins who suffered from Type II diabetes, which had caused them serious health problems. Dr. Leonardi taught me about the vicious cycles of insulin resistance and instructed me on the Cycle-Breaker Program. For several months, I followed the nutrition and exercise regime recommended by Dr. Leonardi and then had the blood glucose levels retested at a laboratory at home. To my surprise and satisfaction, the follow-up test showed the blood sugar level had fallen below the danger level and into a non-diabetic range. I continue to follow the diet and exercise program and subsequent medical exams have confirmed that my blood glucose levels remain well under control without medication.

I did not feel ill or have noticeable symptoms of the elevated blood glucose levels when I learned of the problem in September of 2000, but in retrospect, I believe my energy level was reduced. Since restoring the sugar levels to normal I have felt increased energy and stamina. Without medication, my cholesterol dropped from 212 to 125. Triglycerides dropped from 228 to 69 and the bad cholesterol dropped from 116 to 66. Of course, I plan to continue to avoid high sugar and starchy foods for the remainder of my life. Credit for this change in lifestyle belongs to Dr. Leonardi and I thank him for enabling me to avoid the suffering that so often accompanies diabetes.

Robert Landings

Frank Hoshall (diabetes)

To Whom It May Concern:

I’m a physician and an insulin dependent diabetic under Dr. Leonardi’s care. Within two months of diagnosis my blood sugar dropped from 375 to 98 (normal). After 7 months, I’ve lost 65 pounds and feel great! My energy level astounds me and that feeling of well-being has returned. Even my sex life has improved. I owe my success to Dr. Leonardi’s program. His curriculum on insulin resistance is unique, easily understood, and quite entertaining! It gave me the insight I needed to normalize my blood sugars around the clock, prevent the complications of diabetes and make me feel like a new person.

These techniques are not found in the mainstream medical community. Dr. Leonardi’s program is a much-needed venue to allow diabetics to reverse their disease and optimize their quality of life.

Frank Hoshall, M.D.

Karl Nicolletti

Dear Dr. Dave:

Happy New Year!

As this New Year begins and the old year passes into history, I want to take a moment to express my sincerest thanks and deep appreciation for all you and your team have done for me during the past year and a half. Without your guidance and coaching, I don’t know where I would have wound up health-wise before and after the bypass surgery and certainly several years down the road had we not discovered the hemochromatosis and especially the small LDL particle sizes! I’m looking forward to the coming year getting back on “the program” and implementing some of the latest results of your research!

On another matter…at long last I have compiled a CD of photos from some of my 10k and other races throughout 2006. Thus far I have completed eight of ten of my goal of “Ten 10k’s in ten months.” Remaining are January and February 2007. Then, I will have completed an average of one 10k every month beginning with the Bolder Boulder on May 29, 2006!

Give my best to Kimber, Kimberly, Dee and the rest of the crew down there at LEHI.

Elayne Rossi

Dr. David Leonardi - “To My Rescue”

Why did I carry an extra ten pounds, even though I worked out daily and did not over eat? And why, since high school, did my hands tremor? In fact, from time to time they shook severely.

I really like to give speeches, but the shaking microphone I was holding always distracted the audience, or the notes in my hands looked as if I was waving good-by to a friend departing on a cruise.

But now, eating meals that fill me, I stay slim and trim. I lost ten pounds without trying and did not change my exercise routine.

What happened? Dr. David Leonardi to the rescue! He examined my diet, blood tests and lifestyle and put me on a program that allowed me to stay fit and healthy. Why did my hands shake? Why didn’t I lose weight? I now have the answers.

Thank you Dr. Leonardi!

Elayne Rossi

Betty Gaw (diabetes)

Dear Dr. Leonardi,

Your presentation to Sin Hock and me last May at your office has helped us shed significant unwanted pounds of fat. Your help in balancing my hormones has trimmed off 10 pounds for me in the last six months. Sin Hock has achieved perfect control of his diabetes; he only takes 250 mg of Glucophage with dinner. We are so delighted and grateful to you for our improved health status.

With warmest regards,

Betty Gaw, M.D.
Las Vegas, NV

Harvey Sackin (diabetes)

To Whom It May Concern:

After 8 years of diabetes my blood sugar had been staying between 120 and 140 with the help of metformin 1,000mg twice a day. My weight was 225 pounds. I was so tired I couldn’t exercise and my sex drive did not exist. After 3 months on Dr. Leonardi’s program my sex drive began to reappear. I now enjoy sex twice a day in a new relationship. This is what amazes me the most. I feel I’m a better lover now than when I was 30 years old. After 10 months my weight was down from 225 to 178 pounds. I am 59 years old and have never felt better. My blood sugar stays around 110 and my blood pressure is 128/88. I have energy to play racquetball with a 36 year-old for two hours at a time and still have a little workout after. I am keeping my weight at 180 pounds and I feel staying on this program forever will be easy.

Type of Lipid Before Program After Program
Total Cholesterol 217 159
Triglycerides 282 113
HDL (Good) Cholesterol 47 49
LDL (Bad) Cholesterol 131 87
Coronary Risk Ratio 4.62 3.2

Sincerely Yours,

Harvey Sackin
Owner, Aquarium Maintenance
Las Vegas, NV

Troy Meachum

Dr. David,

I simply wanted to reach out and thank you for all that you and your team have done for me over the past 10 years. My quality of health is better than ever and much of that improvement has been as a result of your coaching and educating me on optimal health. I can never thank you enough for all that you have done!

I hope you, your family and team have a wonderful rest of 2016!

Troy Meachum
CEO of ACRS Supply
Durham, NC

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