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David Leonardi, MD, ABAAM, CNS provides speaking engagements throughout the year primarily to CEOs, business and sales organizations and the investment industry. His sessions are nothing like the standard “eat healthy and exercise” message delivered by nearly all healthcare speakers. With 19+ years in the field of Vitality and Longevity Medicine, Dr. Leonardi delivers the science of how we age and develop age-related diseases at the layman’s level in an entertaining and memorable fashion. Gaining a good understanding of the science makes the techniques to slow aging and prevent disease far more meaningful and is the key motivating factor that changes behavior. He explains each of the five causes of aging (and age-related diseases) followed by the solution to slow, arrest or reverse each particular process. The suggested changes can make the difference of two or more decades of high-quality, vibrant life relative to the course most people are on. For executives who command high dollar incomes, the financial benefits can be enormous. Even a few extra years of productivity will dwarf one’s investment in this seminar, not to mention the personal value of additional years of high-quality life. This is actionable information that your attendees will take home and use from day one to enhance their vitality (mental and physical vigor), and reduce their risk of the age-related diseases that can quickly and decisively take one out of the game. The benefit on a personal, company and industry level can be enormous.

In this age of managed care, healthcare practitioners are far too busy in their congested practices to teach patients how to remain healthy and prevent disease. They’re just too busy caring for people who are already sick to even keep up on the published studies on prevention! This leaves the health conscious person resigned to surfing the web or reading ad-loaded health magazines for information on optimal health. They’re getting their health information in tidbits from journalists!

Yet there are thousands of scientists in dozens of countries around the world publishing data every day on the chemistry of aging and age-related diseases; and more importantly, how that chemistry can be slowed, stopped or in terms of many ailments, even reversed! The Leonardi Institute mines these data on a daily basis and more importantly, analyzes and engineers them so people can pragmatically incorporate them into their lives. The human body is a very organized chemistry set. We can let that chemistry deteriorate toward entropy or maintain it in ideal condition. The techniques are published, just not disseminated. You can provide a man a fish or teach him to fish. This is the seminar that teaches and therefore, keeps on giving. We invite you to the testimonials page to see how this presentation has been received.

Below is a list of the diseases primarily covered by the seminar, as these are the ones that alter quality of life the most and shorten life span the most for us in Western society:

Together, coronary heart disease, cancer and stroke kill 80% of Americans over the age of 50. Obesity and type II diabetes, both reversible diseases, make us more susceptible to the first three. And if we escape those, Alzheimer’s and/or Parkinson’s are waiting in the wings. We can be normal or we can be optimal. If the buffalo herd is stampeding off the cliff, one might not want to be a normal buffalo. We have the chemistry. We have the data. We need merely apply them.

The full length seminar also suggests blood tests that attendees can obtain locally to measure specific disease risks. And, of course, these can be retested after applying the science to one’s life to demonstrate progress! We know of no other seminar that even approaches this level of memorable and actionable information for true take-home benefits for attendees.

Seminars can be engineered for 1 to 3 hours. An hour is the suggested minimum. Two hours followed by Q and A will provide the full spectrum of information. For groups of 25 or fewer, an interactive session of about 3 hours, including a break, is ideal. This allows for ad lib questions and comments throughout the session. For information on cost and scheduling, please call the Leonardi Institute at (303) 462-5344 or (888) 772-1388.

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