Seminar Testimonials

Robert Brown Chairman, Speaker Selection Committee, AAO

Thank you so much for your excellent presentation to The American Association of Orthodontists. Our attendance topped 14,000. I heard many great comments. Your message was concise and well delivered.

Randy Frazee, CEO

I’m sleeping better and rising refreshed and ready for the new day. My mind is sharper, my focus stronger and I’m getting far more accomplished than ever. I‘m losing weight after being on a plateau seemingly forever. …the clarity I needed for a healthy life. Thank you so very much for empowering me!

Randy Thomas, DDS Church Hill, TN

… a decade ahead of mainstream medicine in the arena of prevention. …outstanding benefit to the executives and entire staff. I highly recommend this presentation!

Jerry Johnson, DDS Waterloo, IA

Dr. Leonardi has a handle on disease prevention that I’ve not found anywhere in the U.S.

…fascinating, balanced, evidence-based, yet easy to follow.

John Dallas, DMD, FAOS, MAGD Arlington, GA

…which risk markers to measure and how to optimize them. … the most current science backed with references. … important opportunity for your organization!

Sam Cigno, DDS St. Louis, MO

…state-of-the-art, organized and of great personal benefit!

Wayne Bausch, DDS, Denver, CO

… knowledge to live a longer, healthier life. More energy and stamina can only lead to better professional performance.

Tim Johnson, Aspen, CO

“Excellent and very valuable! …information I just don’t get from my physician.”

Vistage attendee Feb 17, 2016

What I appreciated the most was the real life, actionable insight.

Vistage attendee Feb 17, 2016

Loved him and the timing of his talk was completely relevant to me. Maybe it was just the timing, but I felt like it was very helpful. Thanks!

Vistage attendee Feb 10, 2016

It was excellent. It was however not really about business, which is fine because our health is more important than anything we can do at work…

Vistage attendee Feb 9, 2016

Exceptional content and delivery… all very informative and insightful.

Vistage attendee Jan 21, 2016

The material presented was excellent and had great value. I had so many wonderful takeaways.

Vistage attendee Jan 20, 2016

Group overwhelmingly thought David delivered great value and thoroughly enjoyed his presentation.

Vistage attendee Jan 20, 2016

Overall I do rate the information and presentation as excellent, and thank you for coming to our group!

Vistage attendee Jan 20, 2016

Great handout especially the appendix. Also a very excellent delivery and explanation of all of the things we need to be dealing with around being healthy and our longevity. Extremely knowledgeable and explains and uses metaphors very well in talking about complex topics.

Vistage attendee Jan 20, 2016

Vast amount of important information well delivered. Very engaging; encouraged group interaction.

Harry A Pape, Group Chair, Vistage Worldwide, Inc.


My thanks go to YOU for an engaging and outstanding workshop. It was a cram course in what we need to know given today’s body of knowledge. You did a magnificent job of demystifying a very complex and many-layered subject. I know you gained some converts!

I’ll be sure to share this enthusiasm with our Chair Group so you have exposure to the other groups here in New England . . .

best regards, hap

Randy Garcia, CEO, Investment Counsel Company of Nevada

I’m able to get great health results. They’re not just attractive for a person my age. They’re impressive for a person in their thirties or half my age. My mental focus is a strength. The results I would use as a metric is that we are the number one investment advisory in the state of Nevada. I’m able on a business side, personal side and family side to achieve the results that I’m looking for.

Comments from attendees of Schwab Impact 2015:

  1. Amazingly interesting info relevant to all.
  2. Breakthrough presentation. Thank you!
  3. Can use for personal and professional purposes. Shared w/ my spouse afterwards.
  4. Dr. Leonardi did a great job. The presentation slides could have been a little more polished and he had to rush through some of the talking points due to time constraints, but overall very good. Though not an economic topic it is important for us to be knowledgeable about health for our clients and ourselves. Thanks for adding to the lineup.
  5. Expert speaker and great topic. Adding topics like this give the conference added value.
  6. Fascinating info on taking control of your quality of life….
  7. Fascinating; good off topic topic!
  8. Great addition to the lineup.
  9. Great information. Very interesting.
  10. Great presentation. Practical information and advice I will use right away. Goodbye, white bread! It was a fun ride.
  11. I actually thought I was attending a session on dealing with aging clients, but I thought the biology class primer was entertaining. I’m not sure the science behind all the claims would meet with agreement from other scientists, but it was intellectually stimulating.
  12. I need to change my lifestyle!
  13. Interesting topic.
  14. It is nice to see a new subject matter.
  15. Lots of interesting data. But it was more for the members of the audience than our clients. Maybe I and the other members of the audience will be back for IMPACT 2045.
  16. Loved the presentation and handouts. Very relevant.
  17. One of best sessions. Sent slides to several family members. Much needed information since it is not just about the money!
  18. One of the best presentations I have seen. Very helpful.
  19. Outstanding Info!
  20. Presenter kept it at high and understandable level.
  21. Really interesting. More out of the box thinking - keep it coming!
  22. This was a very interesting and unique session. The content was very useful on an individual basis, but he could have tied it a bit to finance (ie how to engage your clients in discussions around longevity, living and needing to save longer, etc.). He’s also an MD though so I don’t think he has much to say on that.
  23. Truly educational and presents a non-financial topic to explore with clients. A bit too scientific, but I can appreciate the challenge to respect the data and translate it to the layman. Left feeling scared with a strong desire to make immediate changes!
  24. Very informative, awesome presentation. Hugely important topic.
  25. Very informative, easy to follow, engaging speaker.
  26. Very informative, excellent session.
  27. Very interesting.
  28. Wow!
  29. Wowed by presentation.

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