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The Leonardi Institute Diabetes Program is for the diabetic who wants to eliminate diabetes complications from their future and enjoy an above-normal life expectancy. It’s for the diabetic who wants to maintain physical and mental vitality - to remain strong, physically active and mentally sharp throughout middle age and into old age and isn’t afraid to apply him or herself to do so. Our program is for the proactive, motivated diabetic who is willing to apply him or herself to achieve a far better life than would ever be expected. If this is you, please call us. We LOVE to work with motivated diabetics and have a very effective, enjoyable, science-backed program to help YOU achieve your life goals. We emphasize YOU because YOU will be the quarterback. We will be your coach, teaching you profoundly superior techniques for absolute success and staying with you every step of the way. The Diabetes Program, designed from hundreds of clinical trials published in peer-reviewed medical journals, is dramatically improving the quality of life of our diabetic patients.

What’s Different About the Leonardi Institute Diabetes Program?

As a diabetic, diabetes itself is the greatest threat to your quality of life and your life expectancy, yet that clearly need not be the case. For it is not the diabetes itself, but the elevated blood glucose that accelerates aging and promotes the age-related diseases. The distinction is important because if a diabetic maintains normal blood sugar levels, there is strong evidence they can completely prevent the complications of diabetes. So instead of experiencing retinal disease threatening their sight, chronic kidney disease, peripheral neuropathy causing numbness and burning of the feet, peripheral vascular disease (that leads to amputations), accelerated memory loss, greater risk of dementia and premature heart attacks and strokes, the overwhelming likelihood is that they will reach very old age experiencing none of these and instead have a normal to above normal life expectancy. This is our goal with our diabetic patients, and to accomplish this, we teach them to maintain normal blood sugars despite their diabetes. This is done using four primary techniques:

  1. Nutritional technology designed to prevent spikes in blood sugar.
  2. Coaching to maintain regular exercise with emphasis on the type and timing that best fit the individual in terms of schedule, preferences and any physical limitations.
  3. Optimal choice of diabetes medication, not simply to reduce blood glucose, but to reverse insulin resistance while preventing side effects.
  4. A close partnership between patient and physician with unlimited communication.

Standard medical practice strives to maintain blood sugars of diabetics 15 to 20% above normal. Diabetics are led to believe that this is optimal because most studies show that doing any better is difficult to impossible. Unfortunately, these blood sugar levels don’t prevent diabetes complications. Normal blood sugars do. And this is our goal whether you’re a type I or type II diabetic.

If you’re a type II diabetic, you don’t need our diabetes program. You may enroll in our Vitality and Longevity Program for Men or Women. We will manage your type II diabetes within that program. If you’re a type I diabetic, you are insulin dependent which requires the additional testing and monitoring of our Diabetes Program.

Program Overview

The Leonardi Institute Diabetes Program is designed by Medical Doctors and is administered by your choice of a Medical Doctor or Nurse Practitioner. The program is based on scientific research and the expertise of our medical staff. When developing this program, our doctors reviewed hundreds of published studies in peer-reviewed medical journals to ensure they have the most accurate and current information. From nutrition and exercise to the most strategic choices in medication and supplements, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

The Diabetes Program consists of six key components:

  1. Optimal Nutrition
  2. Nutritional supplements that target specific disease risk markers
  3. Exercise of the optimal type and timing
  4. Hormone balancing if and when indicated
  5. Judicious selection and dosing of medication with a goal to minimize insulin requirement
  6. Ongoing monitoring and coaching for success!


Supplements are a key component in the Diabetes Program. The diabetic’s need for nutritional supplementation is unique because supplements can enhance insulin sensitivity and improve glucose disposal. The science of nutritional supplements and their application to human biochemistry has advanced tremendously over the last several years. Yet providers of off-the-shelf supplements have not advanced their formulations at the same rate.

At the Leonardi Institute, we have indeed kept up with the research. We’ve carefully analyzed the impact of specific nutritional supplements on the human chemistry. In so doing, we have created some unique supplement formulations not found elsewhere. Most importantly, our supplements have a profound impact on our patient’s lives and well-being.


Of course, if you’re young and in no need of hormone balancing, hormones will not be recommended. For those in need, hormones are a critical part of the Diabetes Program. When administered strategically and safely, bioidentical hormone replacement can be instrumental in leveling the playing field for a diabetic in terms of insulin sensitivity and glucose disposal as well as energy, vitality and quality of life. At the Leonardi Institute, we customize your hormone regimen according to your baseline levels and your individual needs and goals.

The resulting increase in energy typically leads to an increased enjoyment of exercise along with increased strength and aerobic capacity. A reduction in body fat (if needed) quickly ensues, further improving insulin sensitivity and reducing your insulin requirement as blood sugar normalizes. Our judicious and careful application of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is instrumental in delivering these and other benefits.


Nutrition is a focal point of the Diabetes Program. Low glycemic foods, moderate lean protein and healthy fats - this message permeates all our programs. But for the diabetic, this approach to nutrition is even more important and delivers tremendous benefits. You may have heard of similar sounding nutrition plans before. But our nutrition plans are very specific in their application and planning, not generic suggestions. And you’ve likely not encountered this nutritional roadmap combined with hormone balancing, a customized exercise program, supplements that enhance insulin sensitivity and a re-engineering of your medication.

In addition to helping you develop a realistic and optimal nutrition plan that you can stick with over time, you’ll also receive ongoing nutritional coaching in conjunction with very regular reviews of your blood sugar levels. Remember, normal blood sugar is the key and that requires a synergy among all of the above factors.


Exercise is also a crucial part of your Diabetes Program. For diabetics to achieve superior results, it is very important to engage in the optimal type and timing of exercise in regard to meals. Our strategy is to develop a program that you’ll thoroughly enjoy by customizing it to your preferences and to any limitations you may have. We expect you to be motivated and to participate and we’ll help you do that with continued coaching. As the hormone replacement kicks in, your body and brain will likely be craving exercise. We know you’ll enjoy the movement and even more – the results!

Ongoing Monitoring

Hormones, supplements, nutrition, and exercise are all key ingredients for success. But on their own they are incomplete. For your safety and for you to realize all of the benefits of the Diabetes Program, you need ongoing monitoring and coaching for your personal situation.

We will work with you and your medications and teach you to normalize your blood sugar 24/7. We will encourage you to use your glucose meter often at key times of the day and to forward these results to your LI practitioner for review and adjustment of your program. The required communication can be done by phone or email.

When you enroll in the Diabetes Program, your practitioner will order blood tests for you quarterly (to be completed at your location). He or she will review the results of your blood tests with you, listen to any concerns you might have, and adjust your program as needed. If you reside outside of Colorado, we do this by telephone while both you and your practitioner view your laboratory flow sheets. Any program-related issue that arises for you between these visits is our true concern. Your practitioner is a phone call or email away because your program includes unlimited access. We want to stay in close touch to provide a level of service that ensures optimal results.

Program Methodology

We develop a unique course of treatment for every diabetic who becomes our patient based on their individual needs, medical history, physical condition and personal preferences. The key to your evaluation is an assessment of your level of insulin resistance and your ability, if any, to produce insulin. The Diabetes Program kicks off with a DIABETESTART™ (DIABETEs STatus And Risk Targeting). A DIABETESTART™ is a comprehensive executive medical evaluation.

First, we arrange for extensive blood testing in your home town and we send you a form to provide us with your medical history. We review all this information prior to your visit in Denver. During your visit, we complete a thorough physical exam and measure your bone density, body fat percentage, basal metabolic rate and cognitive performance along with a carotid artery ultrasound and a brief strength and flexibility assessment. You’ll then have a one-on-one nutrition course with your Leonardi Institute Practitioner followed by a consultation.

During the consultation, your practitioner will review every line of your blood work and diagnostic tests with you and explain your status of insulin production and insulin resistance and how they will affect your medication needs.

Your individual course of treatment will entail a comprehensive approach using optimal nutrition, regular physical exercise, bioidentical hormone balancing if indicated and approved by you, optimization (and often a reduction) of your medications, and customized nutritional supplementation.

But this is where the Leonardi Institute Diabetes Program is different from virtually every other diabetes plan available today. You are not left to implement the program on your own. Your physician and support staff will be with you every step of the way to guide you, monitor your blood sugar, make appropriate adjustments, answer questions, and ensure you achieve the best possible result.

Program Results

The results of the Leonardi Institute Diabetes Program are typically the most evident and life-changing of all our programs. This happens because of the gap between a patient’s health upon entering the program and their potential health if they fully commit to our transformative process. We know this because of what our patients tell us. In fact, in a recent survey, Leonardi Institute patients reported the following:

We cannot guarantee that you will experience these kind of results. But we can promise that we will bring all of our expertise, our commitment to patient care, and our focus on the latest science to your unique situation.

Program Benefits

The Leonardi Institute Diabetes Program delivers tremendous benefits to our patients. How so? You’ll live a worry free life – knowing that serious diseases are not lurking around the corner - because your normalized blood sugar helps you avoid diabetes complications. You’ll experience the confidence of understanding why and how your blood sugar was normalized and how that engineered a dramatic increase in your quality of life. Your self-esteem and feelings of self-worth are likely to jump dramatically as reduced body fat and increased lean muscle improve your appearance, energy and stamina. Your sex life should benefit equally as well. You’ll experience peace of mind as you take control of your life and feel more secure about a long and healthy life ahead.

Program Costs

The Leonardi Institute Diabetes Program has two financial components: the DIABETESTART™ and ongoing treatment options that include supplements, hormones, and ongoing access to and support from our medical staff, including your doctor, for monitoring and normalizing blood sugar.

We’re aware of no other program that provides as much support and one-on-one time with a board certified M.D. or Nurse Practitioner if you choose. Your health and well being will be monitored by a doctor who is an expert in the science of diabetes, disease prevention, and optimal health.

The cost of a DIABETESTART™ with Dr. Leonardi is $2,995 for those who are on insulin. With Jennifer Wood, Nurse Practitioner it is $1,995. The cost of your ongoing comprehensive program ranges from about $500 to $900 per month and includes unlimited contact with your board certified physician or Nurse Practitioner, your nutritional supplements and hormones and follow-up blood testing. The Nurse Practitioner program averages about $100 per month less than the M.D. program. Some of these fees may be reimbursed back to you by your insurance company, depending on their policies. While we don’t accept insurance, we will provide you with a coded receipt that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

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